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Art Gallery

Japan is home to an incredible pool of Japanese and international visual artists working in both traditional and modern arts. Finding the right space to exhibit is crucial to attracting a wider audience.

 art gallery

7artscafe's location is in one of the most upcoming and trendy areas of Yokohama. We boast a spacious and gorgeous art gallery with plenty of wall space, 3.3 meter ceilings, shelves and other possibilities. We attract investors, collectors and decorators, among others from our large and diverse clientele. Moreover, 7artscafe maintains a unique relationship with all of our past artists to continue showing and selling their artworks via our website. See our current exhibition as well as our upcoming and past exhibitions below.

a refrigerator in a room

If you are interested in booking your art show or event, purchasing a work from our vast exhibitions or for any other inquires, please contact us here.  We look forward to hearing from you. 

Thank you for visiting our art gallery.

Current Exhibition

February 2024 Art Exhibition

7artscafe welcome Noriko Tokunaga as our February 2024 artist.

Noriko Tokunaga was born in Wakayama Prefecture in 1971. She has been a self-taught artist and nature enthusiast since childhood, and has been drawing pictures and words since she was a teenager. After returning to Wakayama, Noriko has been holding solo exhibitions, publishing books, writing song lyrics, and creating designs all over Japan as a painter and self-proclaimed nature explorer.

徳永 統子(トクナガノリコ)

This exhibition is sponsored by Fillmore Far East.



a group of colorful flowersa graffiti covered walla screen shot of a computera close up of a computera close up of a signa screen shot of a television

a picture of a rooma close up of a screena flat screen televisiona close up of a signa screen shot of a televisiona close up of puzzle pieces

Upcoming Exhibitions

March 2024 Art Exhibition

7artscafe welcome Momo's Gallery MAKI as our March 2024 artist.

Previous Exhibitions

Coming Soon

a large room

January 2024 Art Exhibition


December 2023 Art Exhibition

Byōbu - Folding Screens
a close up of a book

November 2023 Art Exhibition


October 2023 Art Exhibition

a young boy standing in front of a graffiti covered wall

September 2023 Art Exhibition

Eitoku Sugimori

August 2023 Art Exhibition

a close up of a door

July 2023 Art Exhibition

Sam Stocker

June 2023 Art Exhibition

Setsuko Masubuchi
a close up of a book

May 2023 Art Exhibition

Naomi and Feilin
a person standing in front of a tree

April 2023 Art Exhibition

a person sitting on a table

March 2023 Art Exhibition

Kumiko Hamilton
a person standing next to a forest

February 2023 Art Exhibition

a person wearing a costume

January 2023 Art Exhibition

Mariko Kunitomo

December 2022 Art Exhibition

Lily Saito

November 2022 Art Exhibition


October 2022 Art Exhibition


September 2022 Art Exhibition

Eitoku Sugimori
a man standing in front of a television

August 2022 Art Exhibition


July 2022 Art Exhibition

Setsuko Masubuchi
a group of people jumping in the air

June 2022 Art Exhibition

International Youth Photo Project
a lizard standing on an elephant

May 2022 Art Exhibition

Maximilian Brown and Mitsuru
a close up of a painted wall

April 2022 Art Exhibition

a woman smiling for the camera

January - March 2022 Art Exhibition


July 2021 - December 2021 Art Exhibition