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Art Gallery

Within the creative landscape of Japan, a rich reservoir of both domestic and international visual artists thrives, engaging in an array of artistic expressions spanning traditional and contemporary modalities. The selection of an appropriate venue for exhibition plays a pivotal role in the dissemination of their works to a broader audience.

 art gallery

Situated within a burgeoning and fashionable neighborhood of Yokohama, 7artscafe occupies a prominent position ideal for visual artists to propel their artistic career. We boast an expansive and aesthetically captivating art gallery space distinguished by ample wall space, lofty ceilings measuring 3.3 meters, and versatile shelving arrangements, offering multifarious display opportunities. 7artscafe engages a wide range of clients, including investors, collectors, decorators, and enthusiasts, creating a vibrant community of interaction. Furthermore, we maintain a distinctive rapport with previous exhibiting artists, facilitating ongoing showcasing and sales of their artworks through our dedicated online platform. 

a refrigerator in a room

Guests are warmly invited to explore our diverse artistic offerings, including current, upcoming, and past exhibitions. We aim to cultivate a lasting connection that resonates beyond the immediate experience and embraces the broader community.

If you're interested in booking your art show, purchasing from our exhibitions, or have any inquiries, please reach out to us here. We're eager to hear from you.

Thank you for visiting our art gallery!

Current Exhibition

 2024 Art Exhibition

7artscafe welcomes Africa Fabra" as our June 2024 artists.

Previous Exhibitions

June 2024 - Coming Soon

a necklace hanging on a wall

May 2024 Art Exhibition

心鈴 Shinrei
a close up of a dog

April 2024 Art Exhibition

Mariko Matsumoto Studio

March 2024 Art Exhibition

Momo's Gallery MAKI
a group of people sitting at a table in a restaurant

February 2024 Art Exhibition

Noriko Tokunaga
a large room

January 2024 Art Exhibition

Jaom Saetpoh

December 2023 Art Exhibition

Byōbu - Folding Screens
a close up of a book

November 2023 Art Exhibition


October 2023 Art Exhibition

a young boy standing in front of a graffiti covered wall

September 2023 Art Exhibition

Eitoku Sugimori

August 2023 Art Exhibition

a close up of a door

July 2023 Art Exhibition

Sam Stocker

June 2023 Art Exhibition

Setsuko Masubuchi
a close up of a book

May 2023 Art Exhibition

Naomi and Feilin
a person standing in front of a tree

April 2023 Art Exhibition

a person sitting on a table

March 2023 Art Exhibition

Kumiko Hamilton
a person standing next to a forest

February 2023 Art Exhibition

a person wearing a costume

January 2023 Art Exhibition

Mariko Kunitomo

December 2022 Art Exhibition

Lily Saito

November 2022 Art Exhibition


October 2022 Art Exhibition


September 2022 Art Exhibition

Eitoku Sugimori
a man standing in front of a television

August 2022 Art Exhibition


July 2022 Art Exhibition

Setsuko Masubuchi
a group of people jumping in the air

June 2022 Art Exhibition

International Youth Photo Project
a lizard standing on an elephant

May 2022 Art Exhibition

Maximilian Brown and Mitsuru
a close up of a painted wall

April 2022 Art Exhibition

a woman smiling for the camera

January - March 2022 Art Exhibition


July 2021 - December 2021 Art Exhibition