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Naomi Alexander

Chief Pastry Chef

Born in Japan, Naomi Alexander began her adventures in both baking and cooking as a young girl enamored by her mother’s Japanese traditional cooking. She went on to pursue her interests in both English-language studies and culinary arts, moving to Virginia state, USA. During this time, she focused her training on American-style traditional baked goods: country-style cookies, seasonal pies, NYC-style muffins and her specialty coffee and crumb cakes.  She spent many hours a week volunteering and baking for local organizations. Later, Naomi went onto study both flower design and the use of edible flowers in cooking and baking, combining her two passions adding elegant colors and distinctive tastes to her signature pound cake recipes. Since returning back to Japan, Naomi has created numerous original health-conscious desserts that incorporate low sugar and low fat ingredients.  Naomi bakes her award-winning desserts at 7artscafe and is also available for our private catering and all other special food-related services.