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May 2023 Art Exhibition

7artscafe welcomes "Naomi Gertelman" and "Feilin Gu" as our May 2023 artists.

Scroll down for both artist's profiles and works.

Naomi Gertelman





Identity has always been a confusing part of my life. It has been impossible for me to call a certain place home, since my family and I have been raised and born in a lot of different countries. My name is Naomi, and I am a 16-year-old aspiring Israeli artist, born and raised in Japan. 

As an artist, I am expected to have a deeper meaning behind each work, but often I just draw whatever comes to mind and let my acrylics lead the way. I enjoy using strange combinations of colours, playing around with odd-looking people, and drawing animals in impossible habitats. My art does not include specific places, instead it’s just an imaginary world completely made up in my head.

I want my art to make you feel like you are Alice in my Wonderland, exploring the unknown. To me, the world we live in is so imaginary yet so real, resembling a video game. And I would love for you to experience it with me. 

 So Alice, why don’t you open my little door and step into this Wonderland?


A pandemic hit when I was 13. The normal way of life was interrupted and
I was left with plenty of time and nothing to do.
We couldn’t travel outside the country for a while but I found a different way of experiencing new things while sitting on my sofa. When I read “Around the World in Eighty Days”  by Jules Verne, I traveled with monkeys in deep jungles and went by boat from country to country. This inspired me to illustrate the adventures that kept me going during that strange period of time.

"Self portrait"

a close up of a stuffed animal

Watercolor, application, vintage magazine

“To see without my eyes”

Acrylics, color pencils

“Scattered pages”


Mixed media: collage, pen, pencil, watercolor, acrylics

“To see without my eyes”

a painting of a person



Watercolor, watercolor pencil




a close up of a bird


“80 days around the world”

a close up of a book

A series of 15 illustrations of the book by Jules Verne.

Digital art

Feilin Gu

Artist Statement:

I am a 12-year-old student, born in Shanghai, who came to Japan at a young age. Wherever I am, one thing that I always return to is my passion for birds. Though I explore various mediums, such as collage, watercolour, and also paper-cutting, my subject never strays from the resplendence of our feathered friends.

Observing birds simply fails to disappoint me: wide arrays of colours paired with the wondrous ability of flight. In a way, I can connect to them myself— a bird of my own mind, spreading its wings as it flies off into boundless creativity.

Let us step into this aviary and see for ourselves what nature has to offer. Perhaps we will hear birdsong that resonates with our own voices.


Feilin Gu is a 12-year-old artist, student, and full-time bird enthusiast who has been creating art ever since she picked up a pen. Feilin was born in Shanghai and came to Japan at the age of 5, and art guided her through this change.

Being a self-taught artist, she explores various mediums such as watercolour, digital art, and also paper-cutting. Through these mediums, Feilin brings the world of her imagination to life, focusing on birds as a main subject. 

"Fleeting Moment"

a bird flying in the sky

Medium: Ink/watercolour on paper

"Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)"

a person hanging on a wall

Medium: Watercolour on paper

"Dressed in Golden Splendour"

a bird flying in the sky

Medium: Collage (masking tape on paper)

"One for Sorrow, Two for Joy"

a close up of a flower

Medium: Collage (masking tape on paper)

Title(s), clockwise from top left: "Bloom", "Frost", "Flourish", "Fulfillment"

a close up of a map

Media: Paper cutting

"Caliginous Bouquet"

a close up of an animal

Media: Crow feathers with toothbrush stand

"Starlit Wings"

a bird flying in the air

Medium: Paper, tape, and nail polish

" Daydreams of an Avid Birder"

Media: Bird feathers in glass tubes

"Starlit Wings"

a necklace hanging on a wall

Medium: Paper, tape, and nail polish